Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to my culinary abode...

So, the worst choice one can ever make is to go food shopping hungry... its basically the food equivilant of someone stealing all the money out of your wallet... but this morning i was tragically struck by the realisation the fridge was bare.. empty.. un-filled with snack-a-lisious tasty treats... so i showered (which is really unnessacery when you see the postcode i live near) and i went out with goals to fight off starvation!

To make a long story short i bought shaker pancake mix, bananas and nutella.... [breakfast complete]

I brought fresh bread rolls... lettuce, tomato, beetroot, eggs, and ham.... [lunch complete]

and the Pièce de résistance was the visit to this really awesome butcher i know to get some uber nice thick manly steaks.... so i can make gourmet steak sandwiches for dinner... all to be washed down with a lemon, lime & ex-girlfriend... i mean bitters... today will be a grand day.... now only if my kitchen was looking like this...

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