Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unhealthy obsession.

So, these holidays i had a goal to dive with sharks! im talking great white donkeys but i soon realised it cost $500 for them to nibble on a cage in the ocean near S.A which turned into a $1000 adventure... i chose to not go ahead with this but luckily i scored the free bargain that is National Geographic documentaries!!! HAZAAR! So i got all the upclose and personal action of diving with sharks without getting wet!! suck on that dive operators in S.A!! ZING! anyway... im still in love with them, i recently went out on a boat and im not going to lie but when visiabilty went up shit creek whilst getting my snorkel on the thought of shark attack may have had front row seats in my mind?? totally not scared though!!! anywho... lets just look at cool shark pictures hey?? yeah yeah yeah!


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