Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Best Of Series: Community

ummm... so the best series on T.V currently is Community.. but im not here to tell you about it.. cause frankly, if you dont know about it i dont want to know about you!(but if you live in a hole its on T.V, that new channel 9 channel) anywho.. my angst is the fact that somehow the thanksgiving weekend crap America gets all excited about and jizzes on turkeys has put my world out of wack by making me unable to download the latest episode because it wasnt shown in the U.S... i hope the wiki-leaks guy gets onto this and sorts through confidential emails and shows me the reason as to why im without my viewing pleasure this week!!! grrrrrr...

Rules on Socks.

Dear Guys... yes.. Males.. you wonder why Women call you idiots.. well its because you are... let me share one rule with you... do not wear socks with footwear that isnt appropriate! you look like a mumma's boy tool face! and its annoys me so greatly that im offering you help on my blog!!! a blog dedicated to hot pictures of girls yet im here helping you with your feet!! you waste of space Y chromosome.

First shoe (Boat Shoe)

Its a boat shoe you idiot!! why would you wear socks?? so your feet stay extra oceany and wet?? it pisses me off enough that your wearing them then you go and wear them with socks?? die... actually no... go stand on a land mine and cause yourself so much grief you can never wear shoes again!!

Second shoe (vans)

Once more, if you are wearing socks with these the only way i will ever let you off the hook is if you are wearing jeans! cause if your wearing shorts and your rocking your little uber cute white ankle socks from Big W i will personally see to it that you have tinea on your face for the rest of your lonely existance!! douche!! do not wear socks with these.. It  / You look very dumb if you do!

Thongs / Jandals / whatever you call them.
[dont need a freakin image]
Stop wearing socks with them you try hard polynesian drop kicks!

Normal Shoes?

Of course you wear socks with them!

Moral of the story for the incredibly slow Men of the world, as soon as you see women wearing socks in open toe high heels will be the moment you know the world is ending and your free to put whatever you want on your feet.. but until then stop being idiots and start being awesome... the devil is in the detail.. girls will forever look down on you if your wearing socks in stupid shoes that dont require the presence of a sock... and i dont want to hear anything about your sick of blisters.. MAN UP!

Either my way or the HATHAWAY.

So, i just dont understand why i dig on this petal so much? recently she was on S.N.L showing of her sense of humour and charisma... i... i was speechless... she is rock solid sexy!!! plus she is hosting the Oscars next?? man i dont even know films she has been in? im her most pathetic fan ever but i feel opposites attract.. i know nothing about her, she knows nothing about me... we are both awesome... something in the universe will make us cross paths and when that moment occurs destiny will take over... meh... sounded cooler in my head... Miss Hathaway i wish i could amaze you with my Jake gills&hall looks...(how do you spell that guys name?) i heart you muchly... your smile and skin melts me then you go and be all brunette and you just know the way to my heart... welcome back to my blog... stalk me whenever your free from your busy schedule...

p.s im on holidays and i hear Thailand is nice this time of year??

edit: its been brought to my attention that this lady is a horrible and annoying actor, i hereby reserve all comments made today and in the past about Miss Hathaway until i view her "work" as my judgments are based solely on photoshoots...

The Halls Can Go Deck Themselves...

ITS SUMMER!!! yippee.... i can almost taste the skin cancer... what a beautiful time of year.... summer is my favourite season behind basketball season, the amount of joy an individual can have during the next 3 months is incredible... i hope the weather God's bask us in amazing days full of warmth and pleasure... i wish the next 3 months of my life were sponsered by LeTan... so much ocean action will be occuring... WEEEEEEEE

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is love??


Sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me? will there ever be a day when i say those 3 words? you know the magical sentence... well i have reason for it today... Blake Griffin... i love you... i can not not watch you (double not, tricky to read) my eyes are glued on you, since your college days you have had a soft spot in my heart, but i was judging you on looks and i just wasnt feeling it, but for the last month you have shown me a side of you i can not go past, something i cant deny, you make me feel all warm and gooey when i see you... you complete me, if only i had n.b.a league pass we would be forever together... 2 crazy kids in this wild wild world... sigh... enough homo-erotic crap, Blake Griffin you have crazy hops, your a freakin beast, you make others look like idiots and for this i will be forever thankful...


"An Ode to Blake Griffin"
Look at Blake Griffin, flying high in the sky.
Forcing Timofy Mozgov's face deep into his inner thigh.
"Not necessarily dunking, in the strictest sense," they cry.
But what does it matter, when Amar'e gives you the eye?

Thank me later.

As humans we like to survive, seems like all we ever do is eat and drink and try to survive... earn money to survive. survive survive survive. But who do we look to for knowledge?? well luckily we have a role model to base our survival on. Introducing Bear Grylls. Here is all you need to know about life. Step 1. Be like Bear Grylls. THE END.


But i hear you asking "what if we survive and want like a secondary education?" well this is quite common in humans, they get a hunger for learning, a taste of education and they just need more to feast on, so luckily again bear grylls has established a place of higher learning. Here you will be taught the highest skilled, most complex survival methods ever known to man, i personally have done the course and will give you a sample of what is required from a human who really wants to do that next level surviving.