Monday, February 21, 2011

The Best Of Series: AllStar update

So yesterday i said that the black mamba Ko-Me would win M.V.P by essentially not passing... 37 points, 1 assist... grand total of 4th M.V.P trophy... well done Mr. Bryant, whilst everyone else is having fun, smiling and bum slapping you and your lack of warm blood set out to win an M.V.P... must have been hard... your a true champion... the game never gets serious till 6 minutes to go... everyone knows that apart from #24... who set out to prove he is the best even with zero defence being played... overall the game was a yawn fest.. Kevin Love the only true white dude showed just how un-athletic and plain white people are... Joe Johnson was an all-star also?? didnt even know he made the team, didnt even see him in the game?? i swear he is some sort of ninja just earning $20m a year from Atlanta for apparently playing hoops... Le-King decided to drop a triple dime on everyone, first person since Jordan to do so... The Celtics all played about 14 minutes of uninspiring sport... Blake Griffin got stage fright... Durantula felt like scoring 34 so he did... averaging a shot for evey minute on the floor i think... yet luckily after all of that there were other things to keep my attention... like every second of non game time revealed a camera panning the stadium highlighting celebrities faces... Diddy and his son with matching hair cuts.. Stevie Wonder with my favourite quote "I want to see the West win"... Stevie you cant see home boy?? your wasting a seat?? Bieber getting a high 5 from Dwight Howard... Biebers head being the size of Dwights shoulder... but my real goose bump moment was the half time show.... Rihanna just makes me smile... and by Rihanna i mean her legs... whether standing still or perfoming oriental pole dancing sequences i still had to pick my jaw up off the ground... so thankyou Ri-Ri... you turned boring to awesome and brought Drake and Yeezy along for the ride... I salute you!! and your thighs...

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