Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Best Of Series: Swag

I love shopping... which for a human with a penis, it's a bold statment... nearly as bold as writing "human with a penis"... but i like to stay ahead of the game.... my fashion exploits i guess come from a spoilt unbringing where the choice of expensive basketball shoes and nike tracksuits instead of school uniforms where the norm for me... not that im bragging, jus'sayin... Or maybe its my O.C.D inklings that i just love colour co-ordination and crisp stylish clothing?? Or the fact i was practically only brought up by my old girl, therefore enduring shopping alot in my formative years?? who knows where to pin the blame.. but i ain't hatin... i dig fashion. So it comes time when planning for winter wardrobe must occur... and whilst it is still summer i need to plot my course so that i sail through winter so fresh and so clean, clean... I snoop alot of fashion blogs whose current season is winter to see what i like and dont like, cause i wont just jump on a style bandwagon... they put fashion out each season, its me who decides if it is stylish or not... so whilst where i live doesnt go crazy cold... the world weather is acting like a sooky 3 y.o lately so who knows what is going to get thrown up... So im doing the basic planning for now... im crazy crushing on duffle jackets... im liking camel coloured pants.. and im also feeling "duck" hunting type boots... overall i guess i will do the best i can to snare some bargains via internet shopping blitz's... hmmmm... this is a very un-masculine blog entry... but i dont care... cause your all puppets to surf stores and metal mulisha or your metro sexual friend with perfect hair and shorts that dont touch his knees... and to those guys.. you know who you are.. go wax your chest, throw on your favourite v neck top and jump infront of a train... cause these pictures aren't for you...

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