Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear Ikea,

I have an idea..


Its the Kim Kardashian throw rug.... yeah?? and no im not talking about the white shag she is on, imagine Ikea the home of $2 lunch, Kit Kitchens, Dirty suede couches, Cabinets, Crockery and nic-nacs adding life size Kim K rugs to there impressive interior decoration range?...  I can picture this infront of an open fire place... i can also picture teenagers and family pets dry humping the life out of it (butt) thats not the point... all i want to see is a Kardashian X Ikea collaboration... in the words of Ludacris... infact i cant even decide which booty related Ludacris lyric i want to use here?? which says something one dimensional about Luda, but either way lets throw a saddle on this idea of mine and petition Ikea... cause it would be comfy? [thin vail of enthusiam covering the idea of somehow getting Kim K's ample gluts into my home]

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