Monday, February 7, 2011

No, You are Gay...

I have no illusions about my sexuality, girl lover all day long but im seduced by pink food, is it wrong? Well, I was told by a young'n whose mind is still fresh that pink food was gay! i was almost hurt, i felt like i needed to jump in and protect my dear friend... got me all fuzzy with anger!! how dare they question my sexuals choices over the joy which can be brought by pink coloured food... if i could do a pink frosted cupcake, pink doughnut, strawberry milkshake which obviously comes out pink in colour... i would put that on a heavy dietry rotation... i could keep mowing down pink food all day.. prawns are about the only failure in the pink food world.. anyway... pink food is uber manly... and when it has sprinkles on it.. well thats some next level food love! make me do the food enjoyment equivilant of the running man!!


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