Monday, February 21, 2011

These words are for you: DO NOT ENTER

I’ve lost a certain liberties I once had here. At one point I could divulge my darkest secrets, deepest desires and share my most intimate of thoughts without fear of ridicule and emotional vulnerability. Anonymity and external subjectivity have somewhat been removed from this alter-identity and in turn led to a retraction in open expression. I’ve found myself on recent occasions, mostly in writings, to begin only to stop to consider who will read it, how it will be read and how it will then be presented back to myself at a later date. Unfortunate indeed it is when one loses the outlet which helps process ones own thought and idea, in turn encouraging a stable state of mind and relieving certain stresses. Instability is creeping back slowly like a black tide at midnight reaching inland, reviving a sense of claustrophobia and washing the sirens nearer. So if your not my friend, do not read this blog, please go play on the swings over the other side of the internet, because the 100's of people just this week who have dropped in make me never want to write here.

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