Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Man, i love me some houses... whether its a Sunday morning spent driving around expensive suburbs, or some lost hours chillin like a villian on realestate dot com i love me some architectual inspiration... plus the fact that this week has numerous lotto super-draws my mind goes into overdrive of housing possibilties!! i start thinking suburbs, sizes, garage spaces... shower design... i literally melt into a pot of immaculate design concepts... all of which are usually useless for family living!! im all bachelor pad living!! cold concrete... white walls... minimal minimalism... shit be cleaner then an olympic size swimming pool full of bleach!!! man my spine tingles sometimes... i have this one block of land which is in Vic... its where i used to reside and i used to sit on the cliffs of the bay to get away from a horrible relationship i was in, the only good things i got out of being in the relationship is realising what i never want to date again and this block of land i stumbled upon... its in a suburb called Mt. Eliza... $$$ country... the block is so imposing, high on a cliff with views that would put hair on your houses chest.. shit be king of the jungle!!! its dominating views over a mini yatch club and bay just scream IM RICHER THEN YOU and i dream of winning lotto and arriving on this guys lawn in a helicopter with a big mother f-ing cheque and some packing boxes and kindly telling him to move along.... i would in turn build what would be most probably Australian most impressive home... i say this for serious... im on that next level architecture... if you've followed this blog you'll remember in history my homely post of sexy housing images... so dont front on me Dale Alcock... my home will make you run away with your wang tucked up!!! give me the design awards now... argh.. and back to real life... i wish i wasnt so tuff to bluff... cause i would truely love to build and amazing property....

(no picture sourced as my shit is secret, but if you need some inspiration go back to my post in the past, infact just read my whole blog again, you probably need a leg up into my awesome imaginary world)

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