Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10-10-10... Judges scores are in...

I took the liberty to have a onesie swimsuit comp this morning... i figured i would take one for the team, its only fair for me to Judge this absurdly unfair competition... dont know how i logically came to the point of announcing this winner... but the inagural winner of "ONESIE" global championship battle has been voted in by my strict judging standards... enough talk.. lets look at my favourites...

6th place... (unfortunately the untimely choice of high heels ruined all positives, its nearly a worse sin then those stupid pictures i see of people pouring milk on themselves!)

5th Place (truthfully, who wants to be wet on a blow up chair? and the whole back arch like she is farting with Joy, this is the sort of image that belongs in Mens Mags, and you should all know i hate Ralph!)

4th Place (choosing to hide ugly faces under uber large sunnies is like a model parking in a handicapped space.. onesie does look good but im not to sure about the goods?? only reason i like it is the sun lounges and massage signs??)

3rd Place (waist to hips ratio is wild! i like it alot... sadly her onesie is like watered down cordial)

1st Runner-up (seriously, God went to town on this one... she is bedazzled to the 10's!!! like i feel bad she is on the bench as a runner up, i would gladly take her for the team....)

SWEET JESUS! THE WINNER! (do you need an explanation? if my mind had a google search tab, type "fantasy" and this would be the image results)

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