Monday, February 7, 2011

Currently Failing!

I am in the beginning stages of an eBay suicide!! I start school again in 20 days which excites me greatly, but i need a new camera! and it seems to me that every camera "i realllly want" i seem to be on a road trip or out and miss bidding on it like a sneaky sniper! im talking that annoying dude who jumps in last second and burns you all!! MWA HA HA! so i have this incredibly long [im talking african american looooong] watch list in my eBay account... with all these ended camera auctions... it blows... cause the ones i miss go for bargain prices, the ones when im around and watch they seem to go for  an exorbitant price that would melt savings without a second thought... so then the problem is no one likes losing a bidding battle... it becomes this ego situation... luckily i am humble and will continue to lay in wait like a ninja and pounce on what i want... actually that route isnt working either... cause for all the cameras i have missed i have replaced those failures with purchases of shoes and hats... GRRR... so i will have an amazing wardrobe, but you'll never see it cause i have nothing to take a picture of it with??

In better news.... check the aperture setting, no.. check the temperature setting of this tiny and sexy and cute blessing on my eyes... i just want to photoshop her demented toe and she would be PERFECT! I heart her lots....

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