Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I love the olden days... coke bottle lollies from the deli, ying yang braclets, hot buttered, sweat hog, cross colours, spud guns, bmx bikes, parachute pants.... well the other day i found a box of vhs tapes that contained my tapings of NBA from the early 90's... i jizzed! couldnt believe the magic of the find, problem being unfortunately im not a caveman and i now have a dvd player... but not to be phased by the issue, i got out my M.J dvds which include his 10 greatest games... man he was so ahead of his time, kinda like me and this blog yeah? but i just love the olden N.B.A days....

(this is my favourite all-time b-ball image)

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  1. NBA was so flipping cool in this era... I wish it was just as cool now.. oh man. it makes me want to watch space jam again. I used to have the soundtrack and play it every day hahaha..