Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Taste in Homes

I spend ALOT of time day dreaming... especially after i buy a lotto ticket... i have expensive taste and i plan on what i would spend millions on... for me.. i love architecture... and interior design... well i guess design in general... but most importantly.. good looking design... so when the day comes that i am well off and build a place to fulfill my wildest dreams... this is the inspiration that i will take it from.. my style is part minimalist.. part contempory... mixed together with recycled brickwork and warehousey type rooms... i love the cold concrete look placed into old victorian era type homes... i just love things that look amazing... so if i could have this built on an amazing cliff overlloking the ocean... well.. where do i sign?? cause it would be an open cheque book... and lets face it.. rich people have incredibly bad taste.. it bugs me so much...i am always on real estate websites looking at 3million + homes and they are disgusting... so let me in the game.. im sick of being on the bench... Max Awesomeness needs a home to match his name... (p.s i got sick of making the images larger... so just click on them if you want an upgrade in viewing pleasure)